Is 9e a low insurance group?

Insurance Group 9 vehicles are among the cheapest to insure. The automotive industry has a car rating system for insurance purposes. This is so that we as owners know how much it will cost to insure one car compared to another. In Group 4E, its engine is among the cheapest to insure in the UK.

And the safety devices it presents exceed what the industry expects from a car like that. Keep reading to learn more. All cars are included in one of 50 insurance groups to help insurers decide how to price their premiums. Small, cheap, low-power cars are in the lowest insurance groups.

More expensive, rare or powerful cars are considered to be at higher risk and are included in higher insurance groups. The car won't be uninsurable, but some insurers may insist on a safety upgrade before they cover you. Your age, driving experience, where you park and where you live are just a few of the many factors that contribute to how much you pay, but driving a car in a lower insurance group will help keep costs low right from the start. Younger drivers are generally considered to be at greater risk than older drivers, so their insurance costs more.

At the top of the market, owners of exotic supercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and even more exclusive brands often employ the services of an insurance broker to help keep the cost of insurance under control. Cars in this insurance group score well on factors used to determine group ratings, such as being cheap to repair and having less powerful engines. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to lower those dreaded insurance quotes, such as owning a car in a low insurance group. Using the table below, you can identify the make and model of your car, and calculate how much you're likely to pay for your auto insurance premium based on your age.

According to the New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program, theft remains one of the main reasons for an insurance claim, so the safety of a vehicle will qualify you for a lower insurance premium. Insurers' standards are more demanding than basic legal requirements and become more stringent as group ratings increase. Cars that have some safety technology, such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB) (which has been shown to reduce the likelihood of low-speed crashes) have reduced insurance premiums. If you're changing cars, you'll want to think about the cost of insurance before committing to buying it.

While the cheapest and least powerful Volkswagen Polo might be in insurance group 1, the more expensive, better equipped and faster models you'll find as you move up the range will be in progressively higher groups, attracting higher insurance costs. Find out which vehicles are included in insurance group 31 and how much it might cost to insure them based on the driver's age and location. Each insurance group has a standard level of safety features that should be applied to the models covered by the group. If you want a good illustration of what that can mean, consider the BMW 1 Series line, which starts in insurance group 21 for the 1.5-liter five-door basic gasoline, but goes all the way to insurance group 36 for the M135i sports car.

For example, a stereotypical “boy racer” car will attract a higher premium than one that is more serious and sensible, even though the two vehicles may belong to the same insurance group. .

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