Does Car Insurance Cover Mechanical Damage?

Auto insurance typically does not cover mechanical issues, unless they are related to a covered risk. Covered risks include car accidents, hitting an animal, or a falling object such as a tree branch onto your vehicle.

Car insurance

will cover these types of damages if you have comprehensive and collision coverage. Generally, a standard car insurance policy only covers repairs to your vehicle if they are related to some type of accident.

Auto insurance only covers mechanical failures if it involves an accident or a covered comprehensive claim. Car warranties and mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) are better suited to cover mechanical failures. Neither of these covers mechanical problems or a burnt engine due to normal wear and tear. It is also important to note that some insurance companies that offer MBI only do so for newer models and vehicles with a certain mileage. Mercury mechanical breakdown insurance covers repairs to a vehicle's major systems, including the engine and transmission.

If your mechanical problems are due to normal wear and tear, an auto insurance company will not pay for any mechanical problems. However, deficit insurance only takes effect if the damage is due to a specific incident, such as an accident. In most cases, car insurance, even full coverage, will not cover your car repair if it is only due to mechanical breakdown or wear and tear. Other coverages, such as personal injury protection (PIP) and bodily injury liability coverage, do not relate at all to repairing your car and, therefore, will never pay for mechanical failures. If you plan to drive your new car for several years, obtaining insurance against mechanical breakdowns will help ensure that your car continues to operate at full capacity.

There is no such thing as full coverage car insurance, since no insurance policy can account for everything that could happen to your car. To avoid further damage, you should not drive the car and have a mechanic examine you if you notice any of these signs. One thing they all have in common is that they only go into effect if your car was damaged due to an external cause; none of them cover engine damage due to normal wear and tear. If you are considering purchasing MBI coverage, it is a good idea to read the provider's policy carefully to understand the requirements required and limitations of the coverage offered. When you buy a mechanical repair coverage plan, you will pay a premium just like you would for a regular auto insurance policy.

The average cost of car insurance, including MBI, will vary by company and may have different limitations than other companies. Even though car insurance companies do not pay for mechanical malpractice, they can help you find a good mechanic. Repairs included in mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) are generally excluded from standard car insurance policies, so Mercury MBI is necessary for them to be covered.

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