Does car insurance cover blown head gasket?

Yes, insurance will cover a broken head gasket if the mechanical failure was caused by vandalism, flooding, or other external forces. However, insurance will not cover a broken head gasket if the mechanical failure was caused by simple wear and tear or lack of maintenance. Motor repairs are generally not covered by car insurance unless they are the direct result of an accident or other hazard covered by the insurance policy. If your vehicle is still relatively new or you have purchased an extended warranty, the manufacturer can pay for repairs in the event of an engine failure or other mechanical breakdown.

Some insurers may offer coverage called mechanical breakdown insurance that provides coverage for mechanical failures in a similar way to a guarantee. It's a mechanical failure, so it won't be covered. Car insurance is usually for accidents. Your friend would have had to purchase something like an extended warranty if they wanted coverage for such events.

These could be signs of a faulty head gasket and, if not fixed as soon as possible, could result in significant engine damage. If you have comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, you generally have coverage for engine repairs if the engine is damaged in an accident or due to an event beyond your control, such as a tree branch falling on your vehicle. This means that if you have a broken head gasket, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) will cover the repair costs of your vehicle. When the mechanic tells you that you have a broken head gasket, he is talking about the head gasket leaking.

If you don't take care of your vehicle the way you're supposed to, you'll need to buy Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI). If your engine suffers a mechanical failure or breaks down due to normal wear and tear, car insurance generally won't cover the cost of repairing or replacing it. However, a VSC offers repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Car fires don't happen often, but when they do, once the fire has been extinguished, you may wonder if insurance covers a car fire.

Since the age of 16, Keith has been immersed in the automotive industry, starting his career helping his father repair vehicles at a young age. Insurance isn't designed to pay for damage caused by simple wear and tear, or to help you after you haven't properly maintained your vehicle. Since the head gasket is a seal, in many cases it is included in the exclusion bucket for lower cost plans. If you have more questions about what your vehicle insurance covers and what doesn't cover, such as “Will insurance cover a blown head gasket?” , you can always contact your insurance agent for more information.

However, the insurance agent will also need to consider the full value of your vehicle before proceeding to pay repair costs. When taking your car to regular maintenance, ask the mechanic to inspect the coolant lines, check the color of the liquid, and make sure the coolant is full. A cracked head gasket can also cause the engine to overheat on its own, so pay attention if the dashboard temperature gauge starts to rise.

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